"El Hombre Mas Contento"
2009 Cat No.GSM 9348
1. El Hombre Mas Contento
2. La Cumbia Original
3. Las Llaves De Tu Corazon
4. Let Me Love You
5. La Gabachita
6. Cuando Te Miro
7. Amor Amorcito
8. Vivo Enamorado
9. Guantanamera
10. No Estas Aqui


"Corazon Loco"
2007 Cat No.GSM 9321

1. Un Par de Ojitos
2. Mr. DJ - Senor Locutor
3. Rita
4. Soy Tuyo
5. Siempre Te Amare
6. Rolando el Carnicero
7. Corazon Loco
8. Me Alejare
9. Yo Tengo Un Amor
10. Como Lo Siento
11. Regresa A Mi
12. La Esposa de mi Camarada
13. Mi Canelita de Amor
14. Carino

Eddie Ray 
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One of Tejano music’s most familiar voices is back with an exciting new project. We’re talking about Eddie Ray Barela, who’s enjoyed great success as lead singer of Los Hermanos Barela.

His new band is Eddie Ray Barela, and their debut album is Corazon Loco, released September 2008 on GSM Discos. Corazon Loco features the warm, easygoing vocals that have made Barela an in-demand vocalist for years. And the music highlights Eddie Ray’s creative vision more than ever – this material fits his excellent voice perfectly.

The first single is an up-to-the-minute, booming cumbia titled “Rita,” written by Eddie Ray Barela, who worked on production and songwriting for much of Corazon Loco.

Says Barela: “The people who’ve heard my new stuff like it – it’s different and attracts a young crowd. ‘Rita’ has a Tejano Modern beat, and a little rhythm at the end.”

Ediie Ray and Hector spent a year working on the material, which consists mainly of cumbias. But the finished album shows that the collaboration resulted in a fresh fusion of elements that are musically innovative and danceable as well.

“It was kind of hard but we had to get the type of music we were looking for,” Barela says. “The concept of this CD is more like a collaboration of Tejano, Country, Cumbia, Norteño and Modern Beats, with a brass section all put together in a song.”

Growing up, Barela was a big fan of Little Joe. At a concert in 1985, the legendary crowd-friendly singer gave the mic to the yourger Barela, who impressed Little Joe with his singing of a few lines of “Las Nubes.” Barela was hooked, and a few years later became a backup singer for The Barela Brothers, starting a career that has made him a highly respected vocalist.

A San Antonio native, Barela recently took the step of founding his own production company, a new creative and business hub for Tejano and Regional Mexican music.

“I see tejano groups that have their own label,” Barela says. “They go independently and they’ve had success. Just because I’m the artist doesn’t mean I don’t do the dirty work. My experiences with labels opened my eyes on how to work with groups.”

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