"Recuerdos" (2009)
1. Conchita La Viuda Alegre
2. Sonaron Cuatro Balazos
3. El Hijo Desobediente
4. Las Margaritas
5. Mas y Mas
6. Celos de la Gente
7. Me Gustas Mucho
8. Si Tu Supieras
9. Vete Con El
10. El Asesino
11. Ojo por Ojo
12. Devolucion

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Elio Quintanilla is one of the best singer/songwriters to grace the ears of Tejano fans everywhere. From cumbias to polkas, balads, to rancheras, Elio has written and perfomred soe of Tejano music's most recognized songs. "tengo Miedo Preguntarte" (Emilio Navaira), "Adios" (Ram Herrera), "Mejor Me Voy" (La Fiegre), "Si Me Preguntan por Ti" (Oscar G.), "Ojitos Negros" (Shelly Lares), "Sin Tu Cariño"(LaTropa F), "Donde Quiera Que Estes" (Louis Shati), "Y Me Acorde De Ti" (Jimmy Edward), and "Si Tu Fueras Mia" (Sunny Ozuna) are all of Elio's creative mind. His songs are shared, but his musical stle remains uniquely Elio. Elio Quintanilla can write songs that speak to the hearts and minds of the common person. Love, jelously, anger, pride and passion all have a place in the musical style of Elio Quintanilla.

"Las Margaritas", a danceable ranchera, and "Donde Quiera Que Estes", a romantic balada, have evolved into two of Tejano Music's Classics, but that's not uncommon for songs sung by Elio. In 1993 Elio's CD "Solo Me Faltas Tu", released by Manny Music and distributed by WEA Latina, had great music including: "Si No Eres Tu", "La Calandria", "Regresa" and "Orgullosa". His latest release will bring more Elio Quintanilla with his new smash hit CD, "Las Margarias", to be released on February 2008.

Elio has been recognized as one of the true leaders of the Tejano music scene. The Tejano Music Awards, Univision's Premio Latino Musical and Tejano Academy have nominated Elio for his songwriting abilities and unique show. But Elio does,t do it by himself-The Tall Boys include Panchito Villarreal Sr. (sax), Adrian Aguillón (accordion), James García (guitar), Arturo Hernández (bass), Albert Herrera (bajo sexto), Jessie Martinez (lead keyboards) and Elio Quintanilla. Jr. (drums).

Elio Quintanilla, Tejano from his heart to the bottom of his feet is "pura gente".
Do not settle for imitations. Let Elio guide you to a musical paradise where the music never ends.
LATEST CD: "Las Margaritas" to be release 02/2008 by GSM DISCOS www.GSMDIscos.com.
For booking information contact: Elio Quintanilla (210) 927-6186