Te Extranamos Mucho
Humberto "Beto" Ramon - Luna Llena Music Publishing

CD/DVD Combo
1. Te Extra├▒amos Mucho (All Stars)
Humberto Beto Ramon Luna Llena Publishing ASCAP
2. Radio Edit 1
(Elizabeth Brackman, Stefani Montiel, Judi DeLeon, Agnes Torres, Leslie Lugo)
3. Radio Edit 2
(Little Joe, Ruben Ramos, Ramiro "Ram" Herrera, Gary Hobbs, David Marez, Jay Perez and Joe Posada)
4. Radio Edit 3
(Marcos Orozco, Joey Martinez, Roger Velasquez, Pete Astudillo, Elio Quitanilla, Rudi Palacios & Arturo Gutierrez)
5. Radio Edit 4
(Jorge Moreno, Pancho Rodriguez, Beto Ramon, Rudy Palacios, Raul Sanchez, Rick Acosta)
6. Sing Along Track

1. Te Extranamos Mucho Music Video
2. Behind The Scenes

All Donations and Proceeds go to Yvonne De La Rosa
CD and Production was donated to her by all Jerry's Friends
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From his humble hometown of Laredo, Texas to the large metroplex that is San Antonio, Jerry De La Rosa was a sincere, talented individual who made his mark in the world of Tejano.
He played with several groups including Fandango USA, Gary Hobbs, Jay Perez and Los Big Chihuahuas. He recorded with many of those stars and was also in demand as a studio musician.
Jerry was born in Laredo, Texas, a large city across the Rio Grande from Nuevo Laredo, on the Mexican border.
He attended Christen Junior High School where he began performing in the school band. Jerry's first taste of music came when he started playing drums in a group that was part of the Nueva Vida Assembly of God Church where his father was a pastor.
Jerry was self-taught when it came to learning music. He taught himself how to play piano and he eventually moved to trumpet when he would really excel.
It was in his high school days that Jerry really began getting noticed for his virtuosity. Not only did he win numerous school competition awards, he led the J. W. Nixon High School Band to the top prize at the National UIL competition in his senior year.
His virtuosity led to a full scholarship to attend Texas Tech University in Lubbock. But after two years, the pull of live music was too much and Jerry joined his first band, Lynda V & the Boys.
From there Jerry spent time with Fandango USA, Gary Hobbs, Jay Perez and Los Big Chihuahuas.
By the 1990s, Jerry had developed a solid reputation as a prolific and in-demand studio musician. He often sat in on dozens of recording sessions with many of the top players in Central Texas.
Singer Jay Perez said he considered De La Rosa more than just a musician.
"To me he was an artist," said Perez. "Musically, he was a monster, he was phenomenal. But he was also a special human being. Everybody fell in love with him. He was a beautiful person, full of life."
De La Rosa played with Perez from 1992 through 1998 and is on all these early Perez CDs.
All the artists, fans, friends and family that De La Rosa touched, still remember him as if it was yesterday.
"Jerry was an extraordinary person," said Christian singer Israel Maldonado. "He had a beautiful, charismatic personality. He was real funny, he was good people."
This special CD, organized by Graphic Studio Music, Inc. owner/producer/graphic designer Jorge Flores, is a loving all-star tribute to De La Rosa, from many of the artists he worked and played with through the years. Proceeds from sale of the CD will go to his wife, Yvonne De La Rosa, to help with funeral and medical expenses.
For his amazing talent, his memorable performances and especially, his ability to connect with people, De La Rosa will be remembered as one of the most unforgettable players in Tejano music.

Ramiro Burr - Independent Writer



Jerry de la Rosa was a gentle human being who was known for his sincerity and easy-going style. Jerry had many dreams in his life; one of them was succeed in the Tejano music industry..
Among the Jerry's biggest professional achievements were his songwriting and music production. Beyond that, Jerry became a great icon who became known for his particular style of composing and playing music
Throughout the years there have been several keyboardists that have attempted to develop their abilities to match Jerry De La Rosa's expertise and style. However no one has gotten close to what Jerry achieved during his 25-year music career. Jerry's secret was his ability to blend his workmanship with top productions. Jerry was very talented when it came to combining and incorporating other styles of music into Tejano, creating what became known as "Jerry's style."
Thanks to his charm, his ability to make fast friends and talent, Jerry became an in-demand studio musician. Recording artists welcomed Jerry's total creativity in all their productions. Often the final product evolved into a professional recognition that stimulated his pride, making Jerry a better producer. All the artists Jerry worked with, often considered their new production a major accomplishment and a step forward into a higher popularity. Through his work and artistic vision, Jerry transformed their productions into masterpieces that marked an era in our music.
Jerry's artistry is too big for anyone to duplicate or attempt to reproduce. Through the years and through his outstanding work, Jerry demonstrated a high level of commitment to his craft.Jerry De La Rosa believed in his profession and he focused on making hits. In doing so, he helped developed entrepreneurs into the superstars we all know today.
In this life, people often take advantage of each other. But Jerry never had hard feelings towards anyone, and that made him a very special person. He was widely admired and well-liked, especially by those he knew and worked with.
Those of us who were fortunate to have known and/or worked with Jerry are enriched by him. We will never forget him. Jerry was not able to overcome his illness to live on. But all the participating artists, producers, engineers and other friends, have produced an album where Jerry will live forever in the hearts of his friends. I have no doubt that Jerry, in time, will become immortal to every fan of Tejano music.

Jorge Flores, a friend
GSM Discos All Stars Tribute to Jerry Record Producer
August 27, 2008