Music Video "El Camaleon"

"Sin Fortuna y SIn Nada" 2009
1.La Suburban Blanca 3:55
2.Amante de un Cartero 2:47
3. Los Hermanos Bedolla 2:49
4. El Corrido de la Muerta 3:13
5. Sin Fortuna y Sin Nada 3:05
6. Chema Arroyo 2:38
7. Corrido de los Aguiluces 3:00
8. Polvo Maldito 2:18
9. Calletano Quintana 3:38
10. 20 Mujeres de Negro 3:01
11. El Cocho y El Huache 3:01
12. Le Vendi mi Alma al Demonio 3:09

"Mas Guerrerences Que Nunca" 2008
1. Me Voy alejar de ti
2.Naci para amarte
3. El tratar que me amaras
4. El profe Paco
5. Me Voy pa la frontera
6. Coyuca de Catalan
7. La Vida es una copa de licor
8. Llevas mi nombre
9. Corrido de la gallinita
10. Dinero Manchado
11. Tengo Miedo
12. El Camelon
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Duranguense superstars Banda Novedad Show are a product of, and perhaps pacesetters in, the regional Mexican music boom that has hit the city of Altamirano, Guerreri and since spread throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Thanks to the enormous and regionally diverse Mexican population in Guerrero, the city has become a hotbed for musical creativity, and hence a recording industry hub for the genre. Banda Novedad Show burst onto the scene in 2006 with their first single, "Le Vendi el Alma Al Diablo," which was quickly followed up by the radio hit "Los Hermanos Bedolla." Just a few singles had stirred up so much attention that when their debut record hit the shelves, La Suburban Blanca sold better than 32,000 copies in its first week. It was not long before the record went gold. Signing with Mexican music superpower Univision has gone a long way to guaranteeing their success. Banda Novedad Show have since recorded six more records, consistently reaching number one on Mexicos's regional Mexican charts. The group has even made two appearances on the Mexico Top 200, for the hits "Mas Guerrerces Que Nunca" and "Sin Fortuna y Sin Nada," an impressive achievement for a group playing a style that the industry barely recognized ten years before.
- Roger Gutierrez, All Music Ride